Plant Won’t Suffocate Inside a Bag

Don’t worry that your plant will suffocate inside a sealed plastic bag: remember that plants recycle the air they breathe, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen during the day and absorbing oxygen and producing carbon dioxide at night. That means the air inside the bag will easily support their healthy growth.

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4 comments on “Plant Won’t Suffocate Inside a Bag

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  2. Good to remember. But what about mould? Fungi ? I seem to remember somewhere that (some?) plants need airflow to thrive? Not sure why but could lack of airflow cause problems like mould and fungi ? (Love your blog! Always so helpful and full of interesting information.)

    • Some plants do need moving air (some tillandsias, for example), but they’re rare exceptions. Most plants thrive “under plastic”. Mould and fungi could maybe infest dead or dying plant parts which it would be wise to remove before bagging up plants. They’re not too likely on healthy parts.

      • Wonderful! Thanks again for taking the time to explain to a confused houseplant owner.

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