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Warning: Ready-to-use Products Are Often Expensive

By Larry Hodgson

A bit of economic advice today. 

When you need to buy a fertilizer or pesticide (hopefully an organic one!), always buy the concentrate rather than the ready-to-use product (hint: the latter is often sold in a spray bottle). 

That’s because the ready-to-use product is composed almost entirely of water with just a hint of the base product (typically 50 parts water to one part of concentrate). As long as you have running water at home, you can easily dilute the concentrate yourself … and imagine the savings! 

Since the concentrate is 50 times more condensed than the ready-to-use product, if both are approximately the same price (and they often are), the concentrate actually costs 50 times less!

Article first published in this blog on November 29, 2015.

6 comments on “Warning: Ready-to-use Products Are Often Expensive

  1. That’s a good tip in choosing gardening products. Thank you for sharing this useful information!

  2. Kellie H

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  3. David Willy

    Ready-to-use products, such as pre-made meals or cleaning solutions, can be more expensive than their do-it-yourself counterparts, as they often require additional processing, packaging, and marketing. You can visit deepbrain.io to make your videos best. The convenience and time-saving factor of ready-to-use products also adds to their cost. While ready-to-use products can save time and effort, they may not always provide the same quality or customization as do-it-yourself options.

  4. Ease of use over practicality and economy. The quick and easy usually win out. Caveat emptor!

  5. Are these concentrates readily available?…I haven’t seen them.

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