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Help Identify Canada’s 100 Garden Moments

This year, in collaboration with Know History, the Canadian Garden Council needs your help in identifying the 100 most influential gardening moments in Canadian history!

With the help of gardeners across Canada, the Council wants to build a list highlighting people, places, events and trends that tell the story of Canada’s garden culture and the ornamental horticulture sector.

Want a sneak peek at some Canadian garden moments that are already on the top 100 list? Learn more about the influence of Victory Gardens, used in the 1940s to support the war effort by reducing public reliance on the Canadian food supply. Discover also the impact of Isabella Preston, one of Canada’s most renowned breeders of ornamental plants.

So, please participate by sharing an influential Canadian garden moment to include in the top 100 list. Make you suggestions here before February 18, 2022.

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