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Cover page of book entitled Square Foot Gardening

 All New Square Foot Gardening

By Mel Bartholomew, with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Invented by former engineer Mel Bartholomew, square foot gardening has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you’re new to this gardening method or are already a fan, this book has something for you. Beginners will learn to grow fresh vegetables in just three simple steps using only minimal space. Experienced gardeners will enjoy the charts, how-to tips, and new project ideas, including ways the method can be used to teach STEM to children.

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4 comments on “Gardening Book of the Month

  1. Sue Babcock

    My parents were tried and true “sow the row, weed the row, thin the row” gardeners. Guess whose (back-breaking) job it was to thin out/weed the 25′ x 75′ veg garden…? I have since been a devotee of Mel’s Square Foot Gardening technique for over 40(!) years. My original volume is well-thumbed (time to update my edition, methinks), and I’ve lent it to many friends. I succession plant enough to provide extra veg to our local food bank. And it just looks so nice.

  2. Laura J Coffey

    My favorite gardening book is Color in My Garden by Louise Bebe Wilder. It may be out of print at the moment but it’s a timeless gardening book.

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