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Dear Readers,

If you’ve been used to receiving a daily gardening blog from the Laidback Gardener website (and, hopefully, enjoying that service), I may have to disappoint you.

I find myself in the hospital at the moment, and that is obviously going to slow down my output. Also, I have never really gotten into my health issues (I mean, it’s a gardening blog, after all, not the coffee corner at McDonald’s), but I suffer from a degenerative lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis. I was told 6 ½ years ago I had 1 to 2 years left to live.

I’ve beaten the odds so far. But I don’t expect I have much time left. I’m figuring months … but then, I’ve always been an optimist! Time will tell.

Not the End

That doesn’t mean this blog is coming to an end, though. I’m very passionate about it and want to keep it thriving. My son Mathieu has stepped in to help keep the blog going after my death, lining up people to help, finding additional sources of financing, etc. So, those annoying ads that break up the articles do serve a purpose: they keep the blog alive.

And your financial contributions, too, have been most helpful. Every little bit helps!

I’ve been preparing this blog largely on a volunteer basis, getting my income from other sources: writing articles for other publications, giving garden lectures, hosting TV and radio shows and leading garden tours. Most of these I’ve had to abandon bit by bit over the years (I had to resign from my final radio show last week, for example), but until this current health crisis, I was still writing for magazines, newspapers, other blogs, etc. I’ve decided to stop those as well to concentrate on this blog for the time I have left.

Expect a Less Responsive Editor

I’m also going to have to stop answering your gardening questions. I have done so generously over the years, but it’s extremely time-consuming. And, frankly, I just don’t have the energy to do it anymore. Mentally, I feel I’m still all there, but physically, I’m terribly diminished.

Maybe the answer to your question is already available?

I’m so sorry about that, but remember that there is a search button on the Laidback Gardener blog. Click there, add a few terms about your question (for example “slugs marigold”), and click.

There’s a very good chance the answer was already there, just waiting for you. After all, there are over 2,800 articles on the Laidback Gardener website, the result of 8 years of daily blogging.

I’m finding typing with an oximeter on my finger takes quite a bit more time.

So, expect some interruptions while we work through this transition period. Already, writing a blog from a hospital bed with a fingertip oximeter on my ring finger, gumming up my formerly superior typing skills, has slowed me down considerably. I do hope to be back home soon (without that #%&*?% fingertip oximeter) and that will make things much easier.

And maybe if I stick religiously to just writing the blog, I’ll actually have some time off for myself!

The Blog Will Go On!

So, there might not be a daily blog as in the past, but we (as I now include my son and a new helper, Julie Boudreau, who’ll begin contributing articles over the coming weeks, to be part of the editorial team) do want to see several blogs a week. Just how many, only time will tell.

Long live the Laidback Gardener blog!

Larry Hodgson
Laidback Gardener

Garden writer and blogger, author of more than 60 gardening books, the laidback gardener, Larry Hodgson, lives and gardens in Quebec City, Canada. The Laidback Gardener blog offers more than 2,500 articles to passionate home gardeners, always with the goal of demystifying gardening and making it easier for even novice gardeners. If you have a gardening question, enter it in Search: the answer is probably already there!

29 comments on “Update on the Laidback Gardener Blog

  1. Adrienne Torrance

    I’m so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. I hope you continue to beat the odds for a very long time.

  2. Ric Barta

    I love this blog ! Thanks and Godspeed! No need to respond.

  3. So Sorry that you are going thru this..wishing you and your family peace and may you get need to reply to this. Best wishes to you.

  4. I only recently discovered your blog but realized pretty quickly that you’ve created an amazing resource for gardeners, and a very enjoyable one, too. Thank you and best wishes for continuing to defy the odds.

  5. marianwhit

    I have never met you in person, but sending you love and wishes for a return to all the people and things you love doing.

  6. Best info I have seen in my 50 years of gardening and reading about it. Thank you for all you do for so many!

  7. Debra Knapke

    Sending love, energy, and friendship. 💜

  8. Larry, your knowledge, generosity, and sense of humour are deeply appreciated.

  9. Mary Lou Dalaire

    Larry…I am so very sorry about your health conditions. I know YOU are a VERY STRONG person who loves his family and his fans and will do everything to KEEP STRONG!!! 🥰HUGS. Mary Lou. PS we still have a visit in the cards next time I get to QC…

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about your health! I pray you return home to your family soon. Thank you so much for your books and your blog — you have been a truly irreplaceable resource. Your books on Annuals and Perennials have been the most used books on my shelf because you provide real life information about each plant, and because I’m in Vermont, I know your experience with the climate is very similar to mine. The book on Annuals, especially, is great, because so many of those flowers are not discussed anywhere else. This blog, too, should definitely be turned into a book or two, and I know you have a few books in French I’d love to read if they ever get translated….God bless you!

  11. Dorothy Found

    Thank you so much for all your gardening info over the years. I have 3 of your books and have read them cover to cover many times. I have a green thumb because of you!! Your legacy will live on, and for me that will be your humanity, passion, and helpfulness.

  12. Bon courage, Larry. You have already shown great courage, and beaten the odds; you may have a lot more time, but I hope, not much suffering. Thank you for your wonderful blogs.

  13. Sheila Campbell

    I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering a setback. I too know what it is to have to give up and let go and face the reality that I can no longer do what I used to be able to do. It is hard. But it comes with the privilege of living long enough to fall apart slowly. I have very much enjoyed your Blog. Keep on beating the odds!

    • Cathleen Mahome

      Thanks for all you do! Long may you continue to beat the odds! I’ve started to collect your books as they also hold a wealth of knowledge. You have truly helped me in my personal quest to become a “laid back gardener”!

  14. aliceest65

    I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. Your definitely a very knowledgeable man on gardening and plants. You and your family are in my prayers 🙏. Don’t overdo it take time to relax and rest up. I’ve gained knowledge and plants from your great blog. May God ease your pain and comfort you and your family.

  15. Thank you Larry for working so hard for us for so many years, and for using your limited energy in the midst of this personal crisis to make sure the blog will continue with or without you. That’s dedication, above and beyond the pale. Huge admiration from this quite recent reader!
    I wish you joy and fulfillment in your next great adventure, on whichever side of the veil it occurs. God bless.

  16. Gardens tend to beat the odds. Gardeners too. Rock on Larry!

  17. Bill Russell

    Hugs, Larry, to you and all yours.

  18. I really enjoy your insight & information, hope & pray you will do better soon.

  19. Nora Cullen

    You enrich my life every day Larry.

  20. John H.W. Cole

    I too am a recent reader. I live in Vermont. You are an international someone special and have added to the lives of many. Please do what you can at your own pace, and rest with the realization that yours is a life well lived.

  21. Thanks for all you time and knowledge. I do hope you continue to beat the odds. Thanks and good luck to your new team – they can give you time to rest and relax! Take Care!

  22. Bonnie Sproat

    I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely over the short time I’ve been receiving your posts and have gained much knowledge from them. Thank you for your gardening passion and determination in face of your health concerns. I shall send good thoughts to the universe for you and your family.

  23. I have learned countless things from you and your posts. For the daily learning experience you have provided, I send you a sincere thank you. I also send best wishes on your current health issues and hope you continue to beat those odds. Take care and know you made a difference in the gardening community that so many of us enjoy being a part of.

  24. Bryanna Keseloff

    I want to thank you for imbuing passion in a young and budding horticulturist. Back when I was first learning (2014, 2015, i think?), your blog was the one that I would come to the most, and the wisdom and education you provided was, still is, invaluable. It helped to inspire in me a deep love of plants and ecology, and I am now in the process of pursuing a career in horticulture, and possibly later even landscape design. I have learned so much from you, and even down here in Florida, your lessons ring true. I still have so much to learn, but I hope that one day I can inspire a love of horticulture in people the way you’ve done for me. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

    A Forever Student,

  25. Glen Spurrell

    Dear Larry
    Sending you and yours warmest thoughts and wishing you strength, courage and serenity. How I have enjoyed and profited from you blog over the years! Thank you so very, very much.

  26. Isabel Belanger

    All the best Larry! I’ve learned a lot from your blog and am glad to hear it’ll continue.

  27. When I was a novice gardener I learned a lot from your Canadian Gardening articles, and I’ve researched your blog many times for answers. You’ve inspired and illuminated — and piqued the curiosity of countless gardeners with your work. A great legacy! Paix et bonne chance.

  28. Cindy Marks

    Your solid, down to earth wisdom has been like a quiet library amongst the Amazons of gardening advice. Sending you so much appreciation for the giving and sharing! May you enjoy peace, love, and relaxation as you move forward.

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