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Gardening Book of the Month

Cover page of the book Floret Farm's
Cut Flower Garden.

Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden

By Erin Benzakein and Julie Chai

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of freshly cut flowers? Florist-farmer Erin Benzakein offers practical advice on how to grow and harvest stunning blooms from your very own cutting garden. The first part of the book explains the basics of how to plan and design a cutting garden. The second part, organized by season, provides detailed instructions on growing and harvesting over 175 variety of flowers. The whole book is overflowing with stunning photos by photographer Michele Waite.

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  1. Love the cover photo. I used to sell cut flowers at our local farmer’s market. A huge amount of work but what a lovely sight when all the bouquets were grouped together. Always a huge hit with buyers.

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