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A New Column About Understanding the Balance of Nature in the Home Garden

Hi there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Audrey. I’m a biologist and a new member of the Laidback Gardener team. Break out the champagne: it’s time to celebrate! ?

My arrival in the team will open up a whole new vision (I hope!) of your yard, through my new Ecology in the Garden column. I can already hear grumbling at the back of the room: “Oh no, not an environmentalist! She’ll tell us to use expensive organic stuff! Boo!”

Calm down, relax, be Zen!

My goal is quite different: I want to make you aware of the magnificence of the nature that surrounds your home, your office, your neighborhood park, etc. I want to show you this nature in a new light by explaining to you how it works, and above all, teach you how to work with it, and not against it. You’ll discover, laidback gardeners, that understanding a problem is often the best way to solve it!

Woman studying the ecology in the garden at a fountain.

My catchphrase? Balance. It’s worth repeating! Balance. I want to help you find your place in your environment so you can make the most of it.

An Example

For example: Why should you leave lawn clippings on the lawn and not pick them up?

To grow, a lawn needs water, sun … and nutrients. And they aren’t created by magic! They are the result of the decomposition of dead leaves, the action of insects in the soil, and a host of other factors. If you leave the grass clippings where they fall, they’ll decompose and become food for … well, eventually, for other blades of grass. Which in turn will be cut and recycled.

Matter isn’t created, it’s transformed: everything is a question of balance. If we take something away from nature (like a inch/2.5 cm of grass), we destabilize this balance. And we’ll eventually need to add fertilizer to put nutrients back into the soil and have a beautiful lawn. So, who’s saving you now? ?

Working With Nature

I look forward to helping you understand how to work with nature, not against it. You’ll be able to learn more about what surrounds you thanks to subjects such as portraits of friendly, harmful or invasive species, responsible harvesting, soil health, the weather, and so much more! We’ll discover together just where this adventure takes us.

Be ready for the next Ecology in the Garden column, coming soon!

Audrey Martel

Audrey Martel is a biologist who graduated from the University of Montreal. After more than ten years in the field of scientific animation, notably for Parks Canada and the Granby Zoo, she joined Nature Conservancy of Canada to take up new challenges in scientific writing. She then moved into marketing and joined Leo Studio. Full of life and always up for a giggle, or the discovery of a new edible plant, she never abandoned her love for nature and writes articles for both Nature sauvage and the Laidback Gardener.

11 comments on “A New Column About Understanding the Balance of Nature in the Home Garden

  1. Rachel Jensen-Schoeps

    Huzzah! I am intrigued and happy to read of this development. I look forward to your insights, Audrey, and hope you enjoy being part of the Laidback Gardner mentors!

  2. John HW Cole

    Remember to include us cousins in Vermont and other border states in your observations.

  3. Randy Evans

    As a long time grass clipping composter and coffee ground saver, I look forward to reading your column and learning! Welcome!

  4. Ellen Asherman

    Audrey your new posts, with their NEW approaches look fascinating. We are all awaiting them! Ellen Asherman, Maine

  5. Christine Lemieux

    Welcome Audrey, I am really looking forward to reading your articles!

  6. Oh this sounds so interesting I’m looking forward to Ecology in the Garden! You are right about balance. Mother Nature on her own always works toward balance. If we aid and abet her by following her lead in that process things will become even better.

  7. W MacLean

    Welcome, Audrey! I’m looking forward to learning from you!

  8. Audrey, glad you’re on board! I and many others have enjoyed, and learned from, Larry. He has created a well-primed audience for you.

  9. Jt Michaels


  10. Welcome, Audrey.

  11. John HECK

    Welcome Audrey, I too am very new to site, will you be covering the garden magic biodynamics?

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