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Gardening book of the month: May 2023

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)’s monthly gardening e-book suggestion.

No-Waste Composting

By Michelle Balz

This book will interest all composters, from the novice to the experienced. Ms. Balz begins by introducing the concept of composting, its benefits, basic rules, identification of compostable materials, and maintenance, and ends with a helpful troubleshooting chart. Subsequent chapters explore various forms of outdoor and indoor composting. Dozens of easy DIY projects, such as an African keyhole garden, a terra cotta composter, and a pet-friendly bucket, are included along the way. Finally, she provides instructions for harvesting and using your finished compost.

Note to dog parents: an entire chapter is devoted to safely managing their waste in your backyard compost!

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