Larry Hodgson

Larry’s Garden in October

One year ago today, on Wednesday October 26, 2022, Larry Hodgson passed away.

The Laidback Gardener had been diagnosed with degenerative pulmonary fibrosis in 2016. After battling the disease for years, he was hospitalized and opted for medical aid in dying.

Larry’s Garden

When I’m in Quebec City, I always visit my father’s garden. Every time, there’s something new. The first spring flowers, the leaves of perennials emerging from the ground… Every time of year has its own flowers, colorful fruits or seed pods as decorative as inflorescences.

I marvel at so many surprises, but I also ask myself questions. What is this mysterious plant? Did my father plant it himself, or did it appear on its own and he welcomed it? Did he know that this perennial would spread so widely, or was it another of those experiments he liked to do?

I won’t have answers, of course. But sometimes I get the impression, from spending time in his garden and reading his writings, that I’m beginning to understand his intentions or see the mistakes he made and learned from. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of walking the paths of his garden and making discoveries about plants, about my father, about myself.

Another Season Draws to a Close

Larry left us at a time when gardens change, when many plants go dormant and disappear, but not without a final flourish, just like my father, who shared his love of gardening to the very end.

For me, it’s always a time of intense activity that suddenly ceases, giving way to a period of introspection. I finally have time to look back on another season that is drawing to a close. My memories of my father are now forever associated with this bittersweet, harsh, but oh-so-beautiful season.

While I’m sad that he’s gone, I’m even happier that he was part of my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am, our gardens wouldn’t be what they are, without him.

“The years pass, but gardens remain.”
Larry Hodgson (1954-2022)

Mathieu manages the and websites. He is also a garden designer for a landscaping company in Montreal, Canada. Although he loves contributing to the blog, he prefers fishing.

4 comments on “Larry’s Garden in October

  1. Christine Lemieux

    What a beautiful garden. I think of your father sometimes when I am out in my garden. How I appreciate the time he took to put together lists of various things. Or how contagious his passion for all things garden was. It took some time, but I truly love being more laidback, thanks to him.

  2. A difficult day for you Mathieu. Thank you for sharing the lovely video of a beautiful garden. I’m fortunate to have a few of Larry’s books to reread. He was an excellent writer and I feel that I’ve become more of a “laidback gardener” over the years.

  3. what a magical place. He will be missed -how many people can say they truly made the world a better place. At least we still have you.

  4. Teresa Gordon

    In 2005 I decided to try to make something of my mostly shaded property, luckily I picked up your Father’s newly published book ‘Making the Most of Shade’. I was new to gardening but had great success following his advice. In the years since I have become an obsessed laidback gardener. I credit your father for this. His books and blog are a wealth of information. Thank you so much for this video, it is wonderful to see his home garden. I am sorry for your loss but perhaps knowing he had and continues to have such a positive impact helps.

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