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Mysterious Carnivorous: A Seventh Themed Garden at the Parc Marie-Victorin

Sarracenia purpurea.

For generations, carnivorous plants have exerted a spellbinding charm! Even the eminent botanist Brother Marie-Victorin was captivated by one of them, the pitcher plant, describing it as his favorite!

Did you know that some carnivorous plants have the ability to capture not only insects, but also… mice! This fascinating secret and many others will be brought to light as part of the brand-new Parc Marie-Victorin project, to be inaugurated for the 2024 summer season.

Greenhouse at Parc Marie-Victorin.

A New Garden: Three Worlds

A 7th theme garden, Mysterious Carnivores, will be developed at the Kingsey Falls Botanical Garden. Visitors will be invited to explore a captivating and educational botanical trail, plunging into three distinct universes: the greenhouse, the outdoor circuit and an exhibition dedicated to popular culture. 800 plants will be on display in the greenhouse, 4 giant structures representing trap mechanisms will be set up outside, while a permanent exhibition will present a sequence of scientific discoveries, as well as offering a surprising incursion into the world of popular culture associated with the plant.

Work began this fall and will continue until next spring, in preparation for the opening of the 39th season on June 1, 2024.

“This project marks an important milestone in the park’s development. We’re launching the first stage of a major project that, between now and 2025, will represent a total investment of $13.7 million,” explains Geneviève Destroismaisons, General Manager of Parc Marie-Victorin.

Permanent exhibition on the popular culture associated with the carnivorous plant. “The Teeth of the Earth.

Joint Support

This news comes at a time when Parc Marie-Victorin has just successfully concluded its 2023 season, welcoming a record 41,638 visitors. A first since its inauguration in 1985. “This new project opens the door to an unusual and even more immersive experience for visitors from across Quebec and around the world,” adds Christian Côté, Mayor of Kingsey Falls, Prefect of the MRC and member of the Board of Directors of the Victoriaville and Region Economic Development Corporation.

“This announcement is the first of many. Projects with very distinct DNA will be inaugurated successively over the next two years,” promises the park manager. To ensure its development, the park has been able to count on the participation of various levels of government and private partners. 48% of the project will be supported by the community and the park, 30% by the provincial government and 22% by the federal government. “These contributions are proof of a sustained commitment to tourism”.

Structure representing an urn trap (works like a funnel in which the prey drowns)

Botanic Panic

Families and school groups can also take part in an exciting quest along the new circuit. Botanical Panic, the name given to this fun activity, will invite visitors to collect clues scattered along the route with the aim of solving an intriguing story. The quest will lead to the solving of riddles, stimulating the visitor’s curiosity and powers of observation in the hope of reuniting the two characters: botanist Victor-Marie and his favourite plant, Charlie!

A Venus Flytrap (Dionaea).

The Carnivore’s Word

“My menacing reputation often gets the better of me, but I prefer to be recognized for what I am: a true wonder of nature!” – The Venus Flytrap.

Parc Marie-Victorin is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 to pay tribute to Kingsey Falls-born Brother Marie-Victorin. The 29-acre botanical garden has also been recognized as a museal institution since 2019.

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