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Urban Roots: Urban Gardens in Detroit

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Urban Roots: Urban Gardens in Detroit

This month, let’s find inspiration in a source other than books. We recommend watching the documentary Urban Roots: Urban Gardens in Detroit. It tells the story of a group of people who decided to transform their city and give their community access to fresh food. Their infectious energy, enthusiasm, and positivity will warm your heart.

Documentary available on Kanopy.

Kanopy gives you online access to free movies and documentaries, in French and English, with your BAnQ library card.

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2 comments on “Urban Roots: Urban Gardens in Detroit

  1. Carol Wild Scott

    This is not the first urban garden in Detroit. The mother of a friend from my teen years came from a wealthy family. She lived downtown with her husband – neither of them had nay money, but when he father, totally clueless, gifted her with an expensive car (no money for gas, maintenance, etc.) they located an old plow and hooked it to the car, enabling several couples in their building to have an urban garden in an adjoining vacant lot.

  2. Christine Lemieux

    I am not sure where I saw this documentary, but do remember it was excellent!

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