Annuals For Every Purpose: Choose The Right Plants For Your Conditons, Your Garden

by Larry Hodgson
Paperback, 416 pages
Febuary 2002

Annuals are very much back in style after the decades-long perennial revolution. You see annuals in every garden, with the old-fashioned flowers still among the most popular. With new varieties being launched every year and older ones (many dating back more than four or five years) disappearing just as quickly, gardeners need help sorting them out. Author Larry Hodgson tells you what to look for among the numerous new introductions: greater adaptability to growing conditions, longer period of bloom, improved insect and disease resistance, and more–everything, in fact, that you need to know to make growing annuals both simple and fun. You`ll discover: How to cut back tired annuals, like sweet alyssum, to get them to rebloom even more intensely than before. How to save money by taking cuttings of so-called “designer” annuals, using one plant to create many. All about overwintering numerous “annuals” that are really tropical perennials. Which cool-loving annuals you can sow in the fall so they can sprout when the conditions are perfect the following spring. Simple tricks that make designing with annuals a snap. And much, much more! You`ll find annual gardening has never been easier–or more exciting–than when you have Annuals for Every Purpose as a handy reference.

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