Honeybee or Bumblebee?

A honeybee: note the slimmer appearane and abdomen that is only slightly hairy.

There are also thousands of species of bees, but honeybees and bumblebees are the best known.

The honeybee is the classical garden bee, the one that lives in hives and produces honey. It shares its home with tens of thousands of sister bees and you often see many of them in the same garden at once. It’s a medium-size bee with a fairly slender body and an abdomen that is only slightly hairy. Honeybees are not aggressive in a garden setting and will only sting if they feel they are under attack.

The very fuzzy, stocky bumblebee: the teddy bear of the bee world.

Contrary to popular belief, the bumblebee is not the male of the honeybee, nor is it a queen bee, but belongs to another genus entirely (Bombus instead of Aphis). Bumblebees are stockier and hairier than honeybees (they look like they were covered in black and yellow fuzz). Many species are larger as well. Bumblebees are even less aggressive than honeybees and the risk of being stung by a bumblebee is minimal.