Why not invite Larry Hodgson to speak to your group or association? I used to give in-house lectures, but, given restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, have switched to virtual lectures and webinars.

To arrange for a lecture, you can reach me at:

Horticom inc.
(418) 650-2455

Here are a few subjects to choose from, but feel free to ask for your own custom conference.

African Violets and Gesneriads
Annuals with Colourful Foliage
How to Grow Annuals
Unusual Annuals
Biennials, the Forgotten Beauties
Bromeliads: the Exotic and Unusual Houseplants
Bulbs for All Seasons
Spring-Flowering Bulbs
Tender Bulbs
Beyond Tulips: Rare Bulbs to Discover
Cactus and Succulents
Wallflowers: Climbing Plants for the Home Garden
Container Gardening for Beginners
Create a Backyard Oasis with Container Plants
Out on a limb: the Curious World of Epiphytes
The Best Plants for Fall Colour
Confessions of a Laidback Gardener: My Favourite Plants
Fascinating Foliage
Exploding Popular Garden Myths
Extending the Gardening Season
Ornamental Grasses
Hardier Than Thou
Going Green in the Garden: Learning How to be an Organic Gardener
Gardening on the Cheap
Botanical Gardens of the World
Great Gardens of Belgium and the Netherlands
Great Gardens of the British Isles
Great Gardens of Canada
Great Gardens of Europe
Great Gardens of France
Groundcovers Galore!
Houseplants One by One
Houseplants that Clean the Air
Fun with Flowering Houseplants
Fun with Foliage Houseplants
The Secrets of Happy Houseplants
How to Become a Laidback Gardener
Landscaping for Beginners
Edible Landscaping
Low Maintenance Gardening
How to Multiply Your Plants
Exploding Popular Gardening Myths
Landscaping with Native Plants
New Plants of 2016, 2017, etc.
Old-Fashioned Flowers
Big Perennials for Big Spaces
Perennials with Colourful Foliage
Perennials for the Laidback Gardener
Long-Blooming Perennials
Mind-Boggling Perennials: Little Known Perennials Every Gardener Should Know
Perennials with Pizzaz
Twenty Perennials You Must Grow Before You Die
Keeping your Gift Plants Happy
No Care Plants
Prickly Plants with Punch
The Sensuous Garden
Making the Most of Shade
Shrubs for Laidback Gardeners
Fill Your Spring with Flowers
Preparing Your Garden Tools for Winter
Trees, Shrubs and Conifers for Cold Climates
Flowering Trees and Shrubs for Laidback Gardeners
A Tight Fit: Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces
Tropicalissimo: Creating a Summer Garden of Exotic Plants
The Fascinating Story of the Tulip
Creating an Urban Garden
The Laidback Vegetable Gardener
Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

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  1. Cynthia stanga

    Trying to save a live oak that is growing in circumferance into roof line. Can tree be notched in order to save tree and my roof?

    • That won’t be good for the tree. Rot could set into the wound, for example, plus it could weaken it and cause it to snap. Could you remove the branch (assuming it’s not the whole trunk) that is growing into the roof? Or could you notch the roof itself?

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