Pears For Colder Climates

Here is a short list of pears adapted to colder climates (hardiness zones 2, 3 and 4).

‘Red Bartlett’

European Pears (Pyrus communis)

Will require another European pear for cross pollination.

  1. ‘Barlett Rouge’ zone 4b
  2. ‘Flemish Beauty’ zone 4 (partially self-fertile)
  3. ‘Julienne’ zone 3 (partially self-fertile)
  4. ‘Loma’ zone 3 (partially self-fertile)
  5. ‘Lorraine’ zone 3 (partially self-fertile)
  6. ‘Luscious’ zone 3b
  7. ‘Northbrite’ zone 3 (partially self-fertile)
  8. ‘Patten’ zone 4
  9. ‘Savignac’ zone 3
  10. ‘Southworth’ zone 3 (partially self-fertile)
  11. ‘Ste-Sophie’ zone 3
  12. ‘Summercrisp’ zone 3b

Manchurian Pear (P. ussuriensis and its hybrids)

Will require another Manchurian pear or a hybrid Manchurian pear (P. ussuriensis x P. communis) for cross pollination.

  1. Early Gold ‘Jefgold’ zone 2
  2. ‘Golden Spice’ zone 3
  3. ‘Ure’ zone 2
Asian pear ‘Shinseiki’

Asian Pear (P. pyrifolia)

Most are at least partially self-fertile, but produce best when another Asian pear is available for cross pollination.

  1. ‘Chojuro’ zone 5 (4b) (partially self-fertile)
  2. ‘Hayatama’ zone 4b
  3. ‘Kenko’ zone 4b (partially self-fertile)
  4. ‘Shinseiki’ zone 4 (possibly zone 3b)
  5. ‘Shinko’ zone 5 (4b) (partially self-fertile)
  6. ‘Taylor Apple Pear’ zone 4 (possibly zone 3b)

5 comments on “Pears For Colder Climates

  1. I planted Bosc, a Flemish Beauty and a Chojuro Pear tree. Do I still need another pollinator? Will Golden Spice work?

    • Bosc and Flemish Beauty are both European pears and will pollinate. Chojuro is an Asian pear and usually won’t cross with them. It needs an Asian pear. Golden Spice is a Ussurian hybrid and will cross best with Ussurians.

  2. Pat le jardinier forestier paresseu

    why can’t an european pear pollinate russian pears yet their are ussuriensis x communis hybrid ?

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