Pull and Sow to Win the Dandelion War


When you yank a dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) or other weed out of your lawn, that’s only half the battle. It leaves a gaping hole in the soil where another weed may well germinate. And since dandelion seeds, with their little white parachutes, are floating everywhere in the air just about the same season as you pull dandelions, guess which plant will probably settle there?

Fill the hole with soil and then sow grass seed or clover. 

So, when you go dandelion hunting, bring two small bags with you in addition to the dandelion weeder: one with quality top soil, the other with grass or clover seeds. Then, each time you pull out a dandelion, fill the hole with soil and drop in a few seeds!

By following these steps, you ensure that what grows will be lawn rather than a weed.

Illustrations by Claire Tourigny, from the book Les 1500 trucs du jardinier paresseux.