Help Me Put a Name on This Plant


My mystery climber doesn’t bloom often, but it suckers like crazy.

Plant Identified!

Thanks to the readers of this column, my mystery plant has been identified. It turns out to be two plants, in fact. What I took for a climbing plant with yellow flowers was in fact a yellow-flowered perennial (Patrinia scabiosifolia) bent over under the weight of a climbing plant (Aristolochia spp.). 

Many thanks to all who helped me put a name on this plant!

You wouldn’t know this just from reading this blog, but I receive a lot of photos from people asking me to identify plants. And I’m usually pretty good at it. But I’m stumped with this one … even though it’s from my own garden and indeed, it’s obviously something I planted myself. (The previous owners of my home seem to have only planted goutweed!)

The heart-shaped leaves look a lot like aristolochia leaves, but the blooms prove otherwise.

Here’s a quick description: it’s an invasive twining climber with heart-shaped alternate leaves and dense clusters of tiny 5-petaled bright yellow flowers at the stem tips in late summer/early fall. It’s a deciduous perennial and obviously very hardy, have survived for over 20 years in USDA hardiness zone 3.

Can anyone help me identify it? 


Larry the Laidback Gardener