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Plants are essential in our lives. Let’s give them something back! 

When you think of plants, you might think of the sansevieria that used to sit on your grandparents’ windowsill, or that spiky cactus in the meeting room. Yet, plants also cover the steppes and tundras, and make our countryside green and picturesque. What about the vegetables that you eat? It’s no accident that we talk about the Plant Kingdom. These green beings we share our planet with provide us with enormous abundance and riches. We could do with thanking them for that more often.

No Life Without Plants

Plants are essential for the Earth’s survival. They release oxygen into the air and provide food for animals. As autotrophic organisms (they convert sunlight into energy via their ability to photosynthesize), plants are the world’s main producers of oxygen, and also the basis for most food chains. In terms of evolution, the existence of animals on land could only occur after plants had gotten there first. Without plants there is no oxygen, no animals and no food. No plants—no life!

What Plants Do for You

It’s been shown that plants in your home make your life considerably more pleasant. They remove harmful substances from the air in playrooms and other parts of your house, and regulate the temperature to keep you feeling cool. Your children are never too young to discover the benefits of plants with these fun tips. Plants also help you to hang on to that holiday feeling for longerreduce stress throughout the year, and can transform a corner of your home into a Zen refuge.

Thanks plants!

Because plants do so much for us, wouldn’t it be nice to do something for them in return? So give them a loving home. Make the effort to get to know these living things. Give them a shower now and then. Move them to a brighter spot. Set them on a humidity tray. Whisper sweet nothings in their leaves. They really do thrive on that—and secretly it will also give you a boost too. They are alive. In fact, they’re life itself. Thanks plants!

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