Thought of the Day


The best time to plant a tree was
20 years ago.

The second best time is now

… Old Chinese proverb

How to Plant a Tree without Digging


Planting a tree can be so easy! Just place the root ball on the ground and cover it with soil. Now, is that laidback or what?

It’s not easy to plant a tree, a shrub or evergreen in ground where it’s difficult to dig, as in heavy clay, rocky soil or soil filled with tree roots. And it’s doubly difficult when you’ve chosen a large caliber specimen, as that requires an especially big planting hole. Yet there is an easy solution: plant it without digging at all!

Simply unpot the plant, place the root ball on the ground at the desired location … then cover it with a mound of earth the same height as the root ball and at least three times wider. Over time, the roots will not only reach into the soil all around, but descend deeper into the ground all on their own.


It’s wise to stake the new plant for the first year.

Just water a bit more that unusual the 1st and maybe also the 2nd year, as a tree growing in a mound will be a bit more exposed to drought until it is fully rooted. And do stake it, as it won’t root well if its root ball moves in the wind. The stake too can come off the second year.

Plant a tree without digging? Sometimes gardening is sooo simple!20171002A