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In Winter, Move Houseplants Closer to a Window

Light is low in the winter, so move your plants closer to the window. Source: Alina Vilchenko,

In fall and winter, houseplants are no longer getting the bright light they’re used to. Days are shorter and, in most climates, grayer. To keep them in top shape, it’s best to move them closer to the window or to a brighter room.

In temperate climates, you don’t have to worry that the leaves will burn due to excess light, even if you place them directly in front of a south-facing window. That may occur in the heat of summer, but not during the dull days of late fall and winter.

Even so, don’t let the leaves touch the window in climates where temperatures outdoors dip below freezing, because they could be damaged.

A very different possibility is to offer your plants supplementary light such as an LED or fluorescent lamp during the fall and winter.

More light in winter, healthier plants? It just makes good sense!

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