Discover Some Innovative Uses for Wooden Garden Sheds

To protect furniture and other gardening accessories from the elements, one of the most popular solutions is building a garden shed. According to, wooden garden sheds are increasingly sold commercially, which certainly makes their installation simpler. Using a garden shed as protection for furniture and garden accessories is not the only use that can be made of it, though. Some people don’t hesitate to use it as an office, additional storage space and for many other purposes.

Here are some innovative ways of using garden shelters.

Creative and Entertainment Space

If in general, the garden shed is used to store gardening tools, nothing prevents it from becoming a creative space. You can easily create a workshop perfectly suited to what you do as a hobby. You’ll find you have all the space you need to store screwdrivers, sanders and large tools such as drills. In addition to a workshop dedicated to handicrafts, more and more artists are installing garden sheds near their homes as spaces where they can carve, paint or take photos. All in all, there are plenty of possibilities in this area: it’s up to you to put this creative space to its best use.

Storage Area

The garden shed is the place par excellence for storing all those objects that clutter your home. The nature of these items will define how often you will use this shelter. It’s therefore possible to use it to store trunks and suitcases filled with old keepsakes. They can include old baby clothes, photo albums, etc. In general, you won’t often have to go to this wooden garden storage shed, so dust may accumulate in a short time.

It’s also possible to use the garden shed for strictly seasonal purposes. That means a place where you will put garden accessories and furniture in the winter. Sportspeople can also use this space to hang their bikes on wall hooks, store sports accessories and more. Depending on how active the family is, the garden shed may be actually be in use throughout the year.

An Outdoor Cooking Space

It’s not uncommon to see garden sheds being used as extra rooms. In such a context, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a summer kitchen. The latter can be arranged in a very basic way or even readily turned into a much more convivial space. Your garden shed can be a safe space where you store barbecue accessories and even a dinner service. By installing a secondary electrical panel or a propane tank, you’ll have no difficulty in adding other useful items to the kitchen. All this will be a great help when you’re preparing beautiful and tasty meals throughout the summer.

When a garden shed is turned into a secondary or seasonal kitchen, that gives you the opportunity to develop an entire structure around it. Some choose to include a deck, others will prefer a glass roof, giving appreciable comfort to the garden building during the winter.

Health and Wellness Area

The garden shed can also become an added room outside of the main house. That can give you the opportunity to use it as a wellness area. For example, you could install a sauna: the wood structure is ideal for such use. Building a sauna is very simple: you can do it yourself or entrust the work to a specialist. For those who prefer to use this space for exercising, nothing prevents you from putting a treadmill or an exercise bike. There’s no limit to such an area that will give you a spot where you can carry out all your daily exercises. As for those who prefer to opt for calm and relaxation, a garden shed is more than suitable for yoga or Pilates, a great way to tone your muscles while soothe your mind. You can create an environment that is very calm and that promotes relaxation.

So, there you go: several innovative ways of turning a garden shed into so much more. Which of the options meets your fancy?

Text and photos courtesy of an author who prefers to remain anonymous.

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative articles.

  2. I tell ya what, they are nice as an extra kitchen during canning season! I would not want all that mess in the main kitchen. It is warm that time of year anyway, so I don’t need to be inside.

  3. I would love a gardening shed with lots of places to pot plants and store my tools. 🙂

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