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Soil Your Underwear to Test Your Soil

Did you know that you can check the biological activity in your garden soil by burying cotton underwear in it? If the soil is rich in microbes and therefore healthy, after 2 months there will be almost nothing left. If your tighty-whities are still almost intact, though … well, you’ve got some work to do!

For more information, read this announcement from the Soil Conservation Council of Canada.

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10 comments on “Soil Your Underwear to Test Your Soil

  1. What if they look like that before they get buried?

  2. Oh, very interesting tip. Thank you!

  3. The info doesn’t include what time of year to do this. How warm (or cold) does it have to be??

  4. Heather Carr

    Can this be done now (November) or is it more of a spring-summer thing?

  5. Now I know what to do with the tighty-whities that my husband ordered (in the wrong size).

  6. Love the title and the post. It keeps soil testing simple in a very complex year. Thank you for sharing!

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