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How to Tell If a Plant is a Weed

Here’s an old gardening adage you might want to apply.

If you’re not sure if a plant is a weed or an ornamental, try to pull it out. If it’s impossible to uproot, it’s a weed. If it comes out of the ground really easily, it is (was) a valuable ornamental. 

3 comments on “How to Tell If a Plant is a Weed

  1. Ha,Ha,.
    Had a grade school teacher who said she pull up a stalk of corn, we protest pulling up corn.
    She said” If it does not belong it is a weed.”

  2. Hilarious! As new gardeners, in an entirely new part of the country, in a new hardiness zone, we seem to have perfected that method of identification. 🤣😂🤣

  3. Texas might be the weed capitol of the world. Weeds here are sneaky buggers. They disguise themselves with pretty blooms and are quite colorful. I wouldn’t know where to start as far as pulling them out.

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